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Remedial Work Sydney

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Remedial Work Sydney

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Transformative Remedial Work Sydney Choose Our Expert Builders

Welcome to Edilco Builder, where expertise meets excellence in the realm of remedial work in Sydney. As a leading construction and renovation service provider, we understand the importance of addressing structural issues promptly and effectively.

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Remedial Solutions by Sydney's Expert Builders

Remedial work is a critical aspect of maintaining the structural integrity of buildings. Over time, structures may face issues such as water damage, deterioration, or other structural challenges that require immediate attention. In Sydney, where weather conditions can be diverse and challenging, addressing these concerns promptly is essential to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of the building.



All Building/Home, Repairs & Maintenance

Edilco Builder is the trusted choice for all your building needs in Sydney. Our team of Sydney remedial builders is dedicated to providing good-quality solutions for your buildings. Whether it’s fixing problems, making repairs, or keeping things in good shape, we have the know-how to keep your property in great condition. Choose Edilco Builders for dependable and efficient services that match the specific needs of your building.

Structural Repairs

In Sydney, Edilco Builder is your go-to team for fixing structural issues. We’re experts in top-quality remedial work in Sydney, and we know how crucial it is to quickly solve any problems that could affect your building’s strength. Our skilled remedial builders are pros at finding and fixing structural issues, making sure your property can stand up to various challenges. Trust us to keep your building strong and secure.


Edilco Builder is your go-to solution for waterproofing in Sydney. Our remedial builders excel in providing effective waterproofing solutions to shield your property from water damage. In a city like Sydney, where weather conditions can vary, waterproofing is a critical aspect of maintaining the longevity of buildings. Our experienced team is equipped to handle waterproofing projects with precision, offering reliable services that stand the test of time.

Why Choose Edlico Builders For Remedial Builders?

Comprehensive Remedial Services

At Edilco Builder, we provide a variety of remedial services to tackle different structural issues. Our expertise covers a range of areas, such as fixing concrete, offering waterproofing solutions, restoring facades, and strengthening structures. 

Whether you’re facing cracks, leaks, or other signs of structural problems, our team carefully examines the issues to find the main cause. Then, we create a personalised plan to fix the problems.

Advanced Technology

In the constantly changing world of construction, Edilco remains at the forefront by using advanced technology in our remedial work. 

We embrace the latest innovations, including non-destructive testing methods and cutting-edge repair techniques, to bring precision and efficiency to our services. Our dedication to staying ahead in technological advancements allows us to provide solutions that not only fix current problems but also safeguard your property from future challenges.

Customer ReviewsWhat our customers have to say

Stefano and his team did an incredible job with our recent renovations – remodelling our kitchen, windows, bathroom and laundry. He was always reliable and punctual, and always took pride in his work, often going above and beyond the scope of the job to fix things or ensure the highest quality result. We are so happy with the results and from now on would only trust Edilco for any future renovations! A truly professional building company with lots of integrity!



I searched the builders in Wahroonga and Eilco came the first with good reviewsI am living on a multi storey house on the hill, for years there are roof leaking and drainage problems. I have contacted Edilco for quote and work after searching online, they have done a fantastic job in fixing them, no leaking and drainage working now. They have shown great professionalism and workmanship,

Alan Zheng


Stefano and the team have done various building jobs for me. The first thing I would say is that the standard of the work is absolutely superb. Team are punctual, diligent and have an eye for what works and looks good. Clean, tidy and easy to deal with. I can’t fault these guys and have been really pleased with any work done to date Via


N. Turumurra

Highly professional and a very experience builder. He takes pride of his work and ensure the works gets completed of highest quality. Hence Stefano is the only builder I found so far over the last 20 years,who I do not have to interfere with the work as I know that the end product will always exceed my expectations.


Mount Colah

The Edilco team are exceptionally good. Simply the best tradesmen I have used. They take pride in doing the best quality work, they are punctual, service oriented and great at letting you know where things are at. Iam now using Edilco for different work on my next home and they have been exceptional again. I won’t be looking for other building tradesmen any time soon!! Via


Mount Colah

Highly recommended great service and the most professional shop fitters and could not of asked for a better job went far beyond what I expected and provided quality work from start to finish if you want the best these guys are it will be using them again for all my future work great job guys thanks Amos Spears Cafe Castle towers Amos Spears Cafe Castle towers .


Spears Cafe Castle towers

First class in every respect. Punctual, professional, excellent results. Good value for money, simply the best builders I have used.



I had a very good experience working with Edilco team. I would definitely recommend them for any Fitout and construction job. They are truly amazing at their work.



I hired Edilco P/L,the job is complete and I am very happy with the work done. Stefano has been very helpful and professional, and would happily reccommend.



Started out with a much smaller scope, ended up doing pretty much most of the house and the garden in the backyard. Replaced windows, knocked down walls, new kitchen, laundry, bath, bedrooms and the whole lot.

The team is very dedicated, experienced and extremely well organised, they love what they do, with no excuses for hard tasks, they get the job done with high standard and taste. They managed customers (us) and our neighbours well. One of our neighbours ended up doing a small job with them right after our job. Our job took about 4 months to complete and we are really happy with not only the finished project as well as the whole experience. Would definitely recommend and will work with Edilco again next time. Well done guys! Via



Edilco Team members Trio – Stefano, Bibek and Dario completed a big job of installing Steel Frame Walls, Steel Roof Trusses, all Windows and Doors on the First Floor and an Outbuilding,

what would have been done by 5-6 people. Their professionalism, more tenacity to complete the job at hand, timeliness, punctuality, perfection at each and every step, following manufacturer’s specifications up to the minutest detail ensured that quality was never compromised. They always arrived on time, started work promptly and followed all occupational health and safety procedures at all stages of the installation of the steel frame. Their professionalism ensured that they did not start job on another site, till my work was complete and I was satisfied completely. They offered several alternatives at many stages to improve the end result and I can confidently say that I achieved a far superior result by going with Edilco, much better than what I would have got with anyone else. Their patience was unmatchable and even hard tasks looked easy with the way they worked as a Team and I even managed to learn a few carpentry tricks. I will have no hesitation in recommending Edilco and its Team for any building projects, because I know that my job was very awkward and required a switched on craftsman, who can think ahead and is well conversant with his job. Wishing Edilco the best of luck and thanks for the work done so that I can progress to the next step of building my dream home. Raj Lane cove Via


Lane Cove

Our recent kitchen renovation required the expertise of a builder, and we were put on to the team at Edilco. From the very first moment, Via

Phil Blackford


Very friendly and reliable staff and there workmanship is amazing. Highly recommend these guys.


Hornsby Height

Just read the other reviews about this company and you will see that Edilco are the best without a doubt. Give them a call… you will be glad u did! I was!


St Ives

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we can execute any project
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